AllinPeace is a social and economic initiative led by Kishurim Company with technological & management support of Ayala+.Net Company.

How to join?

You are welcome to join this initiative whether you are an individual, an NGO or a company. Be part of our growing community by filling in your details or send us an email at: pscheimann@gmail.com    

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Discover beauty in the people  

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Sustainable eSchool

  Home to Internet-Based, Future-Oriented Dialogue, dealing with questions of morals and faith issues of human dignity, conflict resolution and tolerance in the present. Main idea Providing a series of projects in the fields of peace, conflict resolution that can easily be reproduced and integrated in existing educational institutions. Training educators and professors so that …

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Sataf – Garden of Peace

10 years ago, pupils from a school in Jerusalem went to Sataf once a week during the whole year along with Palestinian pupils to do some gardening together. A documentary was made. In 2012/13, it was done again and a new movie was made along with an educational website.

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