Sustainable eSchool



Home to Internet-Based, Future-Oriented Dialogue, dealing with questions of morals and faith issues of human dignity, conflict resolution and tolerance in the present.

Main idea

Providing a series of projects in the fields of peace, conflict resolution that can easily be reproduced and integrated in existing educational institutions.
Training educators and pr
ofessors so that they can educate youth toward a peace oriented Civil Society

Main Objectives

  • Reach hundreds of schools or/and youth movements
  • Build youth leadership
  • Live dialogue between youth around common themes (e.g. historical items) in order to create a better future


  • Build a network of organisations and key persons who will work together to establish an international educational network and to assemble an educational “Tool Box” for all member of the network
  • Train teachers and educators to use the network and the educational tools created
  • Train young leadership
  • Create a data base that will consist of:
    • Best practices
    • Existing tool boxes from previous projects as stated below
    • Case studies
    • Materials developed in each exchange project
  • Establishment of youth research groups in all participating countries
  • International Presentations of projects and products of the participants in the programme.
  • Work with the ministries of education and local authorities in participating countries in order to integrate the program into schools curriculum, so that it’s contents will be taught through existing lessons of English, History, sociology etc.


Web platform supporting the network of organizations along with number of applications such as google earth, blogs, interfaces with cellular and various other open source applications


  • Garden of Peace
  • The Allinpeace (Olympeace) movement that revived the ancient Olympic truce (“Ekecheiria”) as a means for sustainable inner peace – for Children from all over the world, but focusing on children from conflict areas
  • Technology of Peace: 
  • Michael’s dialogue
  • Steve’s Garage : Israeli network of classes teaching children, youth and adults about technology, electronics, computer sciences and more based upon open source software and hardware – Scratch, Arduino.