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Sustainable eSchool

  Home to Internet-Based, Future-Oriented Dialogue, dealing with questions of morals and faith issues of human dignity, conflict resolution and tolerance in the present. Main idea Providing a series of projects in the fields of peace, conflict resolution that can easily be reproduced and integrated in existing educational institutions. Training educators and professors so that …

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TOP – Technology of Peace

  Technology of Peace is a website dedicated to share and distribute technology providing simple solutions to authentic problems. All over the world, and especially in rural, poor areas, harsh environments and limited resources create acute, basic life necessities that cannot be met by the modern developed technologies. Human will power, creativity, imagination and entrepreneurship unfold …

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Garden of Peace

10 years ago, pupils from a school in Jerusalem went to Sataf once a week during the whole year along with Palestinian pupils to do some gardening together. A documentary was made. Again in 2012/13, a group of Arab and Jewish children from East and West Jerusalem have been meeting every week to work together at …

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